I can see condensation between the two panes of glass is this normal?
You may see condensation form on either the external or internal side of the frame, but never in-between the two panes, if you do please contact the company which you have purchased your window from.
I am having trouble opening and closing my window, what problems should I be looking for?
Refer back to the instructions and make sure the sash is aligned properly with the frame, check for any spots of rubbing, the opening and closing of the window should be a smooth motion.
The window is smaller than the space between the rafter, what can I do?
You will need to pack out the rafters and frame out around the window if there is still space then you should place horizontal beams, and insert a vertical rafter between them.
I have been told that I need a heating element underneath my window is this correct?
It is highly recommended, it will aid in making sure condensation does not form on the glass and will also help in the event of snow collecting on the outside.
The outside of the glass on my window has become dirty, how should I clean it?
The Duratech window allows you to spin the window 165° so that the outside pane faces inside, making it very easy to clean.
I am missing a part of my window so I cannot finish the installation, what should I do?
Please contact the supplier, they will be able to source any parts and aid you.
What is a flashing kit used for?
The flashing kit is what waterproofs your window; it makes sure there is no water penetration allowing it to flow down the roof and not through it.
How easy is it to install a Duratech roof window?
Extremely! Follow our instructions and anybody can do it. If you are stuck then we are always happy to help; and so are your suppliers!
My roof window is too high for me to reach what can I do to open it?
The Duratech range has an opening rod available to purchase, please contact your supplier for more information.
Is it possible to install a Duratech roof window at a 20° pitch?
Yes all of the Duratech range can be installed at any pitch between 20-90°. If you are using an SFX flashing then it is also possible to install at 15°
How do I know which flashing kit to choose?
Your flashing kit choice will depend on the roofing material used. For flat roof roofing material up to 16mm thickness use the SFX, for plain tiles up to 28mm thick use a KFP, for tiles with a profile between 15-90mm use the TFX. Alternativley for large profiled tiles up to 120mm use the UFX kit.
For what length of time does the warranty last?
As long as the window is installed correctly, with the correct flashing kit used; all Duratech roof windows have a 10 year guarantee which applies to the glass pane along with the window.
Which roofing felt should be used during installation?
Any waterproof felt may be used as long as it will keep the installation watertight.
Whereabouts do I place the brackets on the window?
The 50mm mark on the bracket should always it the groove of the window frame; regardless of the size of the batten.
My window often lets in too much light during certain parts of the day, what should I do?
It is highly recommended that you purchase either a Duratech blackout blind or roller blind, which are available from your supplier.
What size of blind do I require?
The product codes will correspond with which window you have purchased, for instance if you have installed a C2A window then you will need a C2 blind. If you are unsure about anything regarding blinds or if you require assistance please contact your supplier who will be able to identify and solve and issues.
Is installation possible with one window above another?
At this point in time unfortunately it is not available. You can however position your roof windows side by side by using a combination flashing.
What type of wood are the windows made from?
All Duratech roof windows are crafted from Nordic pine sourced from sustainable PEFC forests.
Does the function of room dictate the type of window I can use?
No, not at all if the room has high humidity please ensure there is sufficient ventilation and re-laquer the pine if required.
What should I consider before choosing my roof window size?
You should think about the function and orientation of the room along with the floor space. For instance it may be that you wish to have less light during the day if it is a bedroom. Also note that generally you will receive more sunlight through south facing windows as less if the window is facing north.
Is there an obscure glass option available for Duratech roof windows?
Currently there is not unfortunately this is not to say we will not have this option available in the future.
I have purchased a flashing kit which is manufactured by a different brand, can I use this with my Duratech window?
No, only Duratech flashing kits are compatible. If you do use a different kit your window will leak and the warranty will be void.
Are there any electrical opening systems available?
Currently there is not unfortunately this is not to say we will not have this option available in the future.